Commercial Security Camera Systems

Venues like nightclubs, bars and restaurants of any all variety are more vulnerable to profit shrinking activities due to high turnover, employee theft and ease of access with which thieves have to gaining entrance and stealing money. When an incident happens the first thing law enforcement will inquire about is the video footage, don’t leave your establishment unprotected or worse an unsecure armature set-up. GetConnected AV are the premier Orlando Florida CCTV camera system experts in commercial venues, don’t settle for less.

Remote surveillance systems in allows managers and owners to view what is happening live at their place of business anywhere in the world with an . For owners of multiple locations, the ability to have an overview of all their businesses simultaneously is and affordable way to save time as well as the integrity of your investments.

Residential Camera Systems

Securing and monitoring your home is as easy as calling GetConnected AV in the central Florida area. Monitoring your home from work, vacation or anywhere for that matter can give you peace of mind. Kids lock themselves out again? With our smart door systems you can easily open and you’re your doors right from your Smartphone.

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